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Flexible Bookings and Free Cancellations

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Having a sanitized and clean rental car is vitally important, but another aspect of your rental car booking ranks just as high.  The flexibility to modify your auto rental reservation or even cancel that booking is absolutely necessary in 2021.  So, make sure when reserving that rental car online that the modification and cancellation policies have been reviewed.  

Here are some of the most common types of rental car reservations.

  • Email and/or phone number required:  Simply provide your email address and/or phone number to confirm the reservation.  A confirmation email will be sent and any changes or cancellations can be made through the links provided in the email.
  • Credit Card required:  For this reservation, a valid credit card must be providing at the time of booking.  The card will not be charged, but may be authorized.  In some cases, a cancellation window will be provided (like 24 hours before pickup) before any penalties would occur from the car rental company.
  • Deposit required:  At the time of reservation, a deposit will be made.  This deposit is applied to the rental once it is picked up, but usually is refundable if the reservation is cancelled within the appropriate window ahead of the pickup.
  • Pre-paid:  The entire estimated total of the rental is paid at the time of reservation.  This is usually results in a discounted rental car rate and can be refunded if cancelled within the pickup window.
  • Hidden Supplier:  Some rental car offers are represented by the website’s brand and the underlying car rental supplier is hidden.  That supplier is then revealed once the reservation has been completed and paid for fully.  This type of reservation usually includes a steeper discount but is also more strict in cancellation policies.

While cancellation policies can change from time to time and vary based on the type of reservation you made, here is a summary of some of the current car rental cancellation policies.

***Be sure to look for any booking fees.  AutoRentals.com does not charge for any booking or cancellation fees.  


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