Changing Reservation Dates

Plans can change on purpose or unexpectedly, make sure your vendor can accommodate potential date adjustments.

Drivers that add or remove days will experience price fluctuation. But, drivers that need to move their reservation, without adding or removing days, might be able to keep their original quoted price. It all depends on the vendor’s policy. Check with the representative during the booking process and ask about the effect of date adjustments on price. If they agree to freeze the quoted price, make sure the vendor representative sends a confirmation email stating that the price will stay the same even if the dates change.

Vendors have different price tags for different dates. Some dates are popular for traveling therefore vendors will increase their prices because of high demand. High traffic days are influenced by local events or holidays when people are most likely traveling in and out of town. Ask the vendor rep about rates leading up to and following the original reservation dates. Knowing the cost difference in advance can save the shock of a surprise price fluctuation if your trip gets moved up or pushed back on the calendar.

Using a third party site? Third party sites get prices from their vendors so rate changes will still occur. Making drastic date changes might require a phone call with the specific vendor to discuss the details with a representative. Ask the vendor rep if they can update the reservation and freeze the original rate. Also, talk to representatives about their date change policies to prepare for the possibility of a date change. Like mentioned earlier, any verbal agreements discussed with a representative should be reiterated in a confirmation email. If trip plans are not completely solidified then date adjustment policies should be a deciding factor between car rental vendors. Pick a vendor that can freeze quote prices or a vendor with low rates on the days surrounding the original dates.

Ask the right questions, prepare for any situation and get driving!

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    1. Hi Kenneth,

      Where are you from and where are you renting? Drivers under the age of 25 or over the age of 70 may face surcharges or not be permitted to rent at all at some locations. However, here in the U.S. that is not very common when booking a rental car. When traveling abroad it occurs more often and you should always check with the provider beforehand. Thank you for the question, please let us know if you have more. I hope this link will be helpful: https://www.latimes.com/travel/la-tr-spot-car-rental-20170409-story.html

  1. Last November 9, I rented a prepaid car for 5 days from Zesgo Rent A Car at Florida Orlando Intl Aiport, to be picked up at 10:00 AM but I did not get to the Aiport until about 6:00 PM and when I showed up to pick up the car they had canceled the whole rental as a “no show”. Also, they did not accept my rental car insurance, requesting two thousand dollars deposit on a new car rental agreement. I would expect them to charge me for the late pick-up and honor the remaining rental. I had a similar prepaid issue with an Economy Rent A Car on November 21, except on this occasion I was charged both by Expedia and Economy Rent A Car, even though Economy Rent A Car was the one doing the canceling agreement and the customer service employee ridiculing me.

    I had no problem renting with EZ Rent a Car Orlando on both instances.

    1. No problem – our Reservation Expert team has reached out to you to confirm this cancellation. Thanks!

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