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Rent Sure is proud to present its Rent Sure series.  Renter considerations have made decisions even more complex during this ongoing pandemic.  Whether the focus is on renting a car in the safest way possible, ensuring that the auto rental reservation is flexible to accommodate any unexpected change in plans or even locking in the best available rate (or, most likely all three!), it is more important than ever to be sure in your rental car booking.

Of highest concern for many is if the rental car and interaction with staff is safe and clean.  Rental cars are a natural socially distant transportation option.  The relative control and knowledge of the space the renter will be occupying provides a level of comfort throughout the rental period.  Additionally, car rental companies have raised the bar in implementing enhanced cleaning procedures for the vehicle and further processes for the physical office and staff.  And, to the pleasure of renters, the convenience of a contactless pickup and drop-off process has grown in popularity.  

But, what if plans change unexpectedly due to illness, restrictions or other external factors?  Travel companies across the globe have instituted a host of customer friendly and flexible reservation options.  Most include the ability to cancel travel plans and receive a full refund.  Car rental companies are no different.  In fact, rental car bookings have traditionally been the most flexible among travel options and that has now extended to almost all types of reservations and timeframes.  Renters can feel confident in their reservation knowing that if their plans change, so can their reservation.

Car rental reservation flexibility and booking requirements has historically affected pricing.  With some level of fluctuation in the market always present, rental car rates can change, especially as the pickup date approaches.  Trends and other factors are pointing toward this change being an upward action only this year. believes that 2021 may bring rising car rental prices because of limited fleet, pent-up travel demand and the potential difficulty for fleet managers to quickly access new vehicles to keep up with demand.

To recap:

  1. Feel safe in the cleanliness of the rental car.
  2. Enjoy the flexibility of a car rental reservation.
  3. Book your car as soon as possible to lock in the lowest rates as they may start to increase.

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